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Crafted Elegance, Inspired by the wild

Jeweller - Sarah-Jane Edwards
For Artwork commissions, licensing, wholesale orders, or general inquiries: Please get in touch by emailing me at Follow me on Instagram if you’d like to see new designs in development šŸ¦š If you’d like to purchase my designs applied to Greetings Cards, Scarves, Wall Art, or Notebooks and Sketchbooks – visit my Website Shop or Etsy Shop:
Bumble Bee Painting

Hello, I’m Sarah-Jane Edwards, an artist/illustrator and sculptural jewellery designer living and working from my studio in West London – UK, a short walk from Kew Gardens along the River Thames. Both are excellent sources of design inspiration and provide some wilderness in the city.

I grew up in the deepest countryside of Suffolk, England. It was a bit too quiet for my liking, so in 1991 I moved to London to study for a degree in Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Art. Soon afterwards I transferred to a Public Art and Design degree at Chelsea College of Art. Here I learned to design and make large-scale artworks using mixed media, including glass, ceramic, wood, paper, paint, and fabric.

After graduating from Chelsea College of Art I spent a few years working in a ‘normal’ job in the corporate world, working in a medical device engineering lab blowing up glass capsules and injecting toilet rolls! Moving on to clinical trial and project management. Although I loved the research part of these jobs I longed to spend 100% of my time drawing, designing, and making products.

I went on to work in branding and marketing for a few years before I decided to become a full-time Artist and Sculptural Jewellery designer in 2021. Now I apply my designs to my line of products sold through the SJE LONDONĀ® brand. And I license artwork to other brands for use in fashion, stationery, greetings, and home-decor. My artwork and repeat patterns are currently licensed and sold worldwide.

Sarah drawing a feather on an iPad
feather drawing - indigo

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